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Beautiful Wedding in Central Wisconsin

Are you a future bride wondering what to include in your wedding and what to leave out? Well you’re in the right place! As we know, trends come and go for everything in life. Yep, that even includes wedding trends. Keep reading to find out some awesome wedding trends of 2023, while meeting Jaden and Josh who hosted a beautiful wedding in Central Wisconsin!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Kats

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Let us start off by introducing a couple who created a beautiful wedding in Central Wisconsin. Jaden and Josh topped our expectations for a 2023 summer wedding. The couple met almost seven years ago after being locker neighbors all throughout high school. After many months of planning, they opted for an emotional day with personal vows followed by an awesome party. Their wedding day also happened to feature a few trends from the 2023 wedding season. Bright and pastel florals were a MUST for this beautiful and elegant wedding in Central Wisconsin. Florals can bring a wedding to the next level and they did just that for Jaden and Josh’s special day. Marquee letters and neon signs have also been a major trend for 2023. The big bright letters are a fun twist and can create a unique party atmosphere while still keeping your beautiful wedding feeling elegant.

Including a “First Feel”

Now that you’ve seen/heard of a few trends Jaden and Josh included in their wedding, let’s hear about some more 2023 wedding trends. The first being a “first feel” or “first touch.” This is a special moment that couples share before their ceremony. In contrast to a first look, couples that choose a first feel will not see each other until they walk down the aisle. Instead, couples will stand back to back, or have something in between them and will hold hands, and have a “first feel.” This is an intimate moment shared between the couple and can be a time where they share a moment soaking it all in. Personally, I am a huge fan of all first looks, feels and touches as it is a genuine moment to gather some quality time on a busy day. This is also a perfect opportunity to exchange personal vows. If you are not sure what to include in your personal vows, I have some tips for you here!


Unique Guest Book Ideas

Another 2023 trend that continues to grow more and more popular is something known as a “after the tone guest book.” Unlike a traditional guest book, more and more couples are opting to choose this unique way of receiving messages from their guests on their wedding day. Essentially, this trend uses a phone to record an audible message left by guests, that the bride and groom can later listen back on. This is a unique way for guests to leave the couple with advice, or heartfelt messages on their special day. We personally had this option at our wedding and absolutely LOVED hearing all of the messages. After the Tone send you a dowload link that you can save right to your Spotify, Pandora or phone in general. Hearing my Grandma’s voice and her advice is something that will never get old – A true keepsake.

Another guest book trend that has become popular is the polaroid guest book. Polaroids are a great way to create a memorable guest book that acts almost like a scrapbook. The couple is able to look at pictures of all of their guests, while also reading the heartfelt messages left with the polaroid’s. Here is my favorite Polaroid camera – we bought two for all guests to use throughout the night. Both creative guest books are a unique way to treasure the people from your special day.


Dramatic Florals for a Beautiful Central Wisconsin Wedding

The final trend that I would love to share from 2023’s beautiful weddings is a dramatic ceiling. Using florals, unique lighting, or drapes, can create an elegant and beautiful feel to your venue. These types of things can totally elevate a space, ESPECIALLY by using flowers or greenery. Using florals on the ceiling is also a great way to make the venue truly yours by tying every little detail together!

Jaden and Josh’s Beautiful Central Wisconsin Wedding Video

Curious to see how Jaden and Josh’s beautiful wedding in Central Wisconsin turned out? Watch the video below!

Jaden and Josh’s Wedding Video

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August 23, 2023

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