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Tips for Hosting a Backyard Wedding!

Has the thought of a backyard wedding ever crossed your mind? Maybe you want your special day held where you grew up, or a place that means so much to the two of you. Maybe you love the sentimental aspect that it brings, or maybe you love the idea of cutting down on prices. Whatever your reason may be, I have a few tips and tricks that will bring your backyard wedding to the next level!

Megan & Dan’s Backyard Wedding

Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Backyard Wedding

When beginning to plan your backyard wedding, it is important to stay organized throughout the planning process. The first thing to think about when planning your backyard wedding, is finding the vibe and design you want to go for. Do you want it to be laid back and casual with yard games? Dreamy and intimate with cozy string lights? Or maybe you want to go more towards a daytime garden party. Whatever that mood is will help you find the perfect backyard setting to host your wedding!

Megan & Dan’s Wedding Cake

Time of Year + Thinking of the Little Things

Although it may seem obvious, thinking about the time of year you plan on getting married in is SO IMPORTANT. The best thing about hosting a backyard wedding is that the dates are endless, no need to worry about a date being booked up! With that being said, all types of weather should be planned for. No matter what, you should always have a backup plan incase it rains. Finding a local tent rental company, or renting a dance floor are two aspects to highly consider. Consider your guest list size early on in the planning stage to ensure your tent and rentals can host the accurate amount of people.

That being said, the next thing to plan for is a focal point for your ceremony. It could be as simple as a cross, or as extravagant as a woodwork archway covered in flowers and leaves. Let your creativity blossom! Traditional venues typical provide all of the little things you may not think of including chairs, tables, silverware, etc. While some couples love the idea of thrifting these items, others choose to rent. Check out Accentu Rentals, Velvet Rentals or Relic Rentals for a few of my favorite companies!

Choosing the Ideal Backyard

Cici & Bryce’s Floral Pieces

Picking and planning the ideal backyard for your perfect backyard wedding may be more difficult than it sounds. A few things you want to guarantee and look for are ensuring there are ample parking spaces, planning the ceremony space with the sun to the west, and clearing all tripping hazards/uneven grounds.

Delegating a member in the family to be in charge of yard work, months in advance can help relieve some stress. Most people are willing to help in anyway they can, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! The sentimental factor of a backyard wedding can’t be recreated at any other outdoor wedding venue and shouldn’t be underestimated. You and your guests will feel more comfortable in a space that feels like home and it will be a special memory your family and friends will cherish forever. Lastly, have fun with planning, it’s your special day in an even more significant location!

Full Wedding Video of Cici and Bryce’s Backyard Wedding

Cici and Bryce’s Backyard Wedding

Cici & Bryce’s Wedding Day

The first couple I’m about to introduce is Cici and Bryce. The two had a BEAUTIFUL backyard wedding located on a ranch. Although this was technically a venue, it gave all the feels of a backyard wedding. It consisted of a three story lodge, allowing spaces for both parties to get ready in. Along with the lodge, the venue offered lots of open spaces for guests to roam around. These areas included spaces to play yard games, walk around and socialize, as well as beautiful pond and bridge. The couple rented a large white tent to host their reception that also included a rented dance floor, floral backdrops, and a large dessert display! All of these things played a huge roll in making Cici and Bryce’s backyard wedding a success.

Full Wedding Video of Megan and Dan’s Backyard Wedding

The Incredible Vendor Team

Megan and Dan’s Backyard Wedding

Megan & Dan’s Wedding Day

The next couple is Megan and Dan. The couple hosted a beautiful, fun, and sentimental wedding on the grooms’ parent’s land. It was a beautiful ceremony placed in the tall pines, with the perfect lighting that created a dreamy and romantic feel.

Megan envisioned tons of DIY signage, outdoor cocktail hour with a buried bottle of whiskey, and so many personal touches. The two added a fun touch by ZIPLINING, yes I said ziplining, into a pond! Overall, Megan and Dan’s backyard wedding was thoughtfully planned and was a beautiful day!

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August 15, 2023

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