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An Emotional Wedding at the Ivy House

When I first started my business, I would watch endless wedding videos on YouTube with a box of tissues near by. I thought to myself, damn I want people to feel those kind of emotions when watching videos I create. Well, I am here to say, if there’s any video to hit you right in the feels, it’s Adrianna and Kaden’s beautiful and emotional wedding day at the Ivy House! If you’re ready for a love story that will tug at your heart, make you tear up, and make you giggle a bit, this is the place to be.

Adrianna and Kaden’s Wedding at the Ivy House

Where it All Started

Kaden and Adrianna just so happened to be from rival schools, which is where their love story starts. After flirting during the entire soccer game, Kaden managed to snag Adrianna’s Snapchat and let’s just say that the rest is history. On their first date, Kaden’s car happened to break down prior to picking her up. Instead of giving up, or asking to borrow a friends, Kaden had his dad rent a car, Yes you heard me right… RENT A CAR, just to take Adrianna out to a nice dinner. Truly a memory neither of them will forget. Kaden’s moves paid off and 9 years later they celebrated their dream wedding day at the Ivy House located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

An Emotional Wedding Day

Kaden preparing for his wedding day at the Ivy House.

When the love is simple and noticeable from everyone around, it truly makes my job easy. But with a good love story comes a good backdrop. Adrianna and Kaden chose an industrial moody venue that helped enhance their love story and allowed their guests to mingle both indoors and out.

The Ivy House is a modern industrial venue located in Milwaukee’s fifth ward. With vines parading down the outside and inside of the building, minimal additional décor is needed. A feature many couples find attractive for both their budget and the vibe. The venue offers beautiful spaces inside and out for both your ceremony and reception. Their is also a spacious bridal suite on the second floor as well as a smaller groom suite below. The couple transformed the space with their black/white, modern and simple wedding scheme. The entire day was beautiful, whether you were looking at the hanging ivy on the ceiling, the baby’s breath that filled the tables, or maybe you were just looking at the love that Adrianna and Kaden have for each other.

When deciding on the vibe of your wedding, please keep in mind that whatever venue you choose truly will set the scene. For example, if you are a modern boho bride looking for a clean white canvas, the Ivy House would not be a first choice. However, if dramatic lighting, an industrial feel and outdoor gatherings are more your style, the Ivy House would be a perfect choice.

How to Write a Wedding Speech

Along with the venue setting the scene, a huge part of making your wedding video come to life is the audio. In particular, the speeches and toasts. Now, I have seen my fair share of wedding speeches over the last 7 years and am here to offer some advice on what to and not to do!

first look for Adrianna and Kaden at the Ivy House

Most importantly, aim to keep your speech 3 to 5 minutes in length. The best wedding speeches in my opinion open with a funny intro, discuss briefly your connection to the bride and groom, and end with a clever keepsake, advice or words of wisdom. I advise to stay away from the long, redundant high school/college stories. Trust me, no one wants to hear about that one night everyone got a little too over served.

Instead, focus on the couple. How did they meet? When did you first meet the bride or groom? Any distinct memory you share with both of them? After all, this is their day and the speech should be directly about them, not you.

Writing a Wedding Speech

Another tip for writing a wedding speech is to physically write down the speech on paper. Why would you do this when you can have it on your phone? Technology, always your friend but sometimes the worst when you most need it. I have witnessed first hand a best man lose his phone, the phone is dead, or the speech simply disappears when half way through it. Take the time, preferably before the wedding day, to write your speech down! Also, since phones produce a light that can actually discolor your face in photos and videos, having it on paper will minimize that affect.

Lastly, practice reciting your speech beforehand! To prepare is to succeed. Set a timer and see how long it takes you to read the speech out loud. Remember to aim for 3 to 5 minutes! If you get hung up on a few words, try swapping them out for new ones! Take time to breathe, create a pause during important points, and add humor when necessary! Adrianna and Kaden’s wedding video does a great job highlighting speeches from both the father of the groom, maid of honor, mother of bride and a thank you speech!

Adrianna and Kaden’s Emotional Wedding Video

A wedding video that has it all. From the emotional speeches to the real and raw bride and groom moments, this wedding video is sure to leave you speechless.

Adrianna and Kaden’s Emotional Wedding at the Ivy House


The amazing vendor team:

Wedding Videographer at the Ivy House in Milwaukee.

Are you looking for a videographer to film your wedding? Contact Chelsea here! Are you looking for another great example on wedding speeches? Click here to watch this film!

September 12, 2023

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