My name is Chelsea

and I love exploring the world by staying in epic Airbnbs, filming kick-ass weddings, and spending my Sundays fishing with my first crush. 

First crush? Well that's weird. Trust me, I know, I married the guy. It's hard to believe every single love story is different, but that's what makes getting to know one another so damn interesting. 

We got married on top of a mountain in a snow storm...

As a little girl, I always envisioned a winter wedding for myself, and wow did the Colorado Gods deliver. Our wedding day was a day I, nor any of our guests, will ever forget. From saying I Do literally in a blizzard, to eating gelato with my Grandma in our hotel suite, it was a crazy, wild day. After our venue got shut down one hour into the reception, due to road closures, all guests packed into shuttles to make the drive back to the hotel. 

Not so fast, said the two feet of snow. Stuck. All three of the shuttles carrying our guests were stranded on the side of the mountain. Spinning tires, crying moms, and mac n cheese packed to go set the scene real good. Insert 12 grown ass men in black tie rental suites to the rescue. That's right. A few of the strong, now sober, men pushed the shuttles up the hill to make it to safety. 

Trust me, I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. Finally, after hours of towing, pushing, and lots of cursing, all personnel arrived back to the hotel. We ended up partying the night away in our hotel suite where we enjoyed leftovers, passed around cupcakes and gelato and counted down to the new year.  

a glimpse into our wedding day...

...and yes I edited my own wedding video

Fun Facts About Me

My crazy ass jumped out of a plane before I was 20 years New Zealand at 15,000 feet.

I am literally the pickiest eater in the world. I have 10 favorite foods, and that’s about it. If the man doesn’t cook for me, popcorn it is. 

My sister and I get asked if we are twins at least once a month. She's the brunette, I'm the blonde, two best friends.

Shoes are a legit problem for me. I own every single color of high heels from cheetah print to lime green.

I’d choose the mountains over a beach anyday.

When it comes to your wedding, I’m that girl...

that stands behind the camera silently crying when the groom starts stuttering through his vows. The girl that laughs her ass off when Grandpa walks down the aisle and his pants fall down….literally it has happened. Your go-to girl to hold your martini in one hand with the camera in the other, trying to make sure your veil gets the epic, windy, dreamy, romantic shot. I’m truly here for it all.

After our adventurous, wild, crazy af wedding day, I can say I have seen it all. I want you to know, whatever your wedding day may bring, I can handle it, manage it, and shoot the shit out of it. I thrive off of your energy, personal vows, and blooper moments that make us all chuckle out loud. 

If you're looking for a boss babe to capture your love story and unpredictably perfect wedding day, let's chat more here.