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Should We Write Personal Vows?

Marty Writing Personal Vows

YES YES and MORE YES! As a wedding videographer, I cannot advocate enough for writing personal vows. You may be thinking.. “But why?” “That’s so much extra work…” “They already have vows for me to read…” But let me tell you, personal vows make all the difference!

Why Personal Vows?

As I mentioned before, personal vows are special. They tell your story in a way that only you and your fiance can. You’re able to speak from the heart and express your love for one another in a way that is unique TO YOU! I don’t think it gets much better than that. Not only are these vows special to you, they also enhance your wedding video by creating a personal, emotional, and sometimes even funny video! Keep reading more to find out a few tips and tricks about writing your own personal vows while hearing a little about a special couple.

Sneak Peak of Emily and Marty’s Wedding Video

Get to Know Emily and Marty

Allow me to introduce Emily and Marty. They have been together for almost 10 years now and have such a fun, unique, and beautiful love story. Emily and Marty went to rival high schools and met through a mutual friend. After seeing her walk across the court, Marty knew right away that he wanted Emily and was able to get her number. After their first date at Summerfest, the rest became history! Emily and Marty chose to write personal vows for their ceremony, which showed just how beautiful their love for each other is. Through their personal vows, Emily and Marty were able to tell their story in a way that was personal to them!

Emily & Marty Exiting Their Ceremony

Tips and Tricks for Writing Vows

Now, I know what you may be thinking… How do I even begin to write my own vows? Here are a few tips and tricks we have up our sleeve to help make writing your personal vows a little bit easier. Write several drafts! The first copy will not be the one you end up reading at your ceremony. As you continue to get closer to your wedding day, expect to add and change things in your vows along the way. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! When writing vows it’s important to write from the heart. You are speaking to your partner, don’t worry about trying to make the crowd laugh or cry, focus on putting your feelings about your partner onto paper.

Personalization is Key

Like I stated earlier, it is so so sooooo important to dedicate yourself to revealing your heart to your partner in your vows. Take notes on your relationship, think back to when you first met, your first date, kiss, etc., and incorporate those details into something magical! One of my favorite vows my husband and I exchanged had to deal with always being one another’s travel buddy. We absolutely love adventure so incorporating a personal travel vow to one another not only got the crowd giggling, but lightened the nerves for one another as well!

Come up with promises that you want to make and keep with your partner. Practice, practice, practice, and aim for keeping your vows 2-4 minutes. And my last tip, is to physically write your vows in a vow book or on paper! Phones are great for a lot of things, but let’s go old school and actually write your vows down. I personally feel it is more romantic, intimate, and meaningful! Etsy has some incredible personalized vow books here! To sum everything up, write from your heart… your day will be exciting and emotional and everything in between, have fun with it!

Watch Emily and Marty’s beautiful wedding day below with some of the best personal vows I have witnessed!

Emily and Marty’s Full Wedding Video

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July 19, 2023

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