Filming your real life rom-com
 Bloopers Included

I want to make you feel something...

And by feel something, I mean full body chills. Get off your couch and start dancing. Extreme belly laughter. And earth shattering emotions that make you feel like you are truly reliving the best day ever. 

Trust me, I will be right beside you wiping your tears, laughing my ass off, and capturing the day as it unfolds. Oh, and did I mention bloopers? Yup, definitely count on those being included!

See how it's done

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Adrianna & Kaden

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Bailey & Zach

Alayna & Brandon

Why do I even need a videographer?

Well need is a strong word. You need a marriage license and a few signatures. But want. YES, you definitely want a videographer and here's why. 

Let's be real, I don't create boring ass videos that you will watch once and toss aside. I take your love story and create a real life rom-com, one that you, your kids, and grandkids will be pulling out for years to come. 

You're probably going to laugh, definitely going to cry. Hell yes bloopers will be included. And the best part, you're guaranteed to see a happy ending.