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 The Different Types of Wedding Videos

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many components that need to be thought about. Venue, DJ, food, photographers, videographers, and so much more. But, don’t worry, I am here to help make choosing the right videographer and film a little less complicated! There are many different types of wedding videos, each offering different content. It is important for couples to be aware of what each video offers, and whether or not that is what you are interested in. Continue reading to explore what each type of wedding video has to offer.

Teaser Film

Different Types of Wedding Videos : Teaser Film

The first film to get familiar with is a teaser film. This kind of video is essentially a “sneak peek” to what the full highlight video will be like. Think of a teaser film as a movie trailer. It will include the best key moments of your wedding day without spoiling the entire day. This film is typically only a minute in length, sometimes less. Again, the goal of the teaser film is to build your excitement and anticipation to see your final video! After your wedding day, you can typically expect to see your teaser film within the next week. Another perk to a teaser film is that most videographers include it in each package. See more teaser films here.

Highlight Films

Different Types of Wedding Videos : Highlight Film

Highlight films are among the most commonly booked wedding videos and here’s why. These types of films fall into the broad category of film known as cinematic videos. Essentially, the goal of a highlight film is to recap the entire day into a cinematic, mind-blowing film. The footage is pieced together and used to tell a story that sums up the wedding day and your love story. Important details and moments such as the wedding dress, morning preparations, reception site, vows, speeches, and so many more little details are all squeezed into this 4-12 minute film. The highlight film is typically set to music that fits the couple, while also incorporating audio clips from speeches, vows, first looks, etc. Highlight films are a great way to combine all of the little things into a short form video. Watch more highlight films here!

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Ceremony Film

Unlike highlight films, ceremony films fall under the category of documentary style film. They are straightforward and show, in chronological order, the ceremony from beginning to end. Ceremony films offer many different camera angles pieced together to give a final film of the entire wedding ceremony. It does not include background music and other short clips.

Raw Footage

Raw footage is typically “added on” to whatever package you purchase with your videographer. This is unprocessed footage that comes straight from the memory card, and is directly sent to you. The footage you receive can be incredibly valuable and make more of your wedding videography experience, as it is a way to see your entire day as it unfolded. Raw footage is a great way for couples to re-live the entire day from start to finish, and is something you may want to watch over and over again. The footage is not edited in anyway, meaning no color corrections, audio adjustments or fine tuning will be done.

Owner of C Lee Creations, Chelsea

Other Films

Other films such as engagement, documentary, adventure, and speeches are also becoming more popular. Engagement films are typically filmed before the wedding day, and incorporate a couple’s wedding story while showcasing clips of them being together. These films are a great way to capture special moments before marriage, and to reflect on after marriage. Adventure films are becoming more and more popular as they bring people, places, and the world to everyone. Adventure films capture cinematography at its best – from being on an Alaskan fishing boat to climbing Yosemite, and everything inbetween!

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June 28, 2023

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