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Apostle Islands

DCIM100GOPROIf you are from the Northwood’s area, it is very common to have heard of the Apostle Islands. This popular attraction is both a sight to see in the winter as well as the summer. During the frigid months, the apostle islands attract people from all over as the ice caves are a sight like none other. However, without the perfect combination of snow, wind, and temperatures, the ice caves can vary in accessibility. Fortunately for my boyfriend and I, we decided to tour the caves by kayak in the summer months. And what a beautiful summer day it was as the water practically sparkled from the sun rays. At first, Wylie and I were surprised by our tour guide who told us we had to use a tandem kayak. Now, having never done this before, we were not thrilled- or I should say I was not thrilled having to share a kayak with Wylie due to his “hilarious decisions.” As in, my first thoughts were oh great he’s going to either splash me until I’m soaked, try to tip us over, or run us into the caves just for the fun of it. Lucky for me, all but one of those occurred throughout the trip.

The kayak voyage was a total of 6 miles, lasting about three hours. Kayaking right next to the caves was crazy to say the least! We traveled under caves, into caves, through caves, next to caves, and somehow never managed to tip. Even though we both have kayaked many times, staying a float while gawking at the beautiful landscape surrounding us can IMG_20170731_142520080be quite the challenge. As you can see in the pictures, we had quite the adventure. We also brought our go-pro along, which I am in the process of molding a video together for. If you ever get a chance to check out the caves on the Apostle Islands, I would highly recommend as it’s a bucket-list-check-off for me. Besides kayaking through caves, my boyfriend and I experienced the apostle islands through a grand boat tour. After rummaging through an abundant amount of people, we found a seat on top of the boat with a fairly good view. The boat departed at 5:30pm, and did not return until after 9 pm. Even though the trek out to the best view was quite boring, once we arrived at devil’s island, it was spectacular. We seen around three lighthouses, and many caves.IMG_0162

On the journey back to shore, a gorgeous sunset caressed the water. Later that evening, we walked around Bayfield trying to find a restaurant open after 9pm. Once we came upon one (ManyPenny Bistro), we were seated and served very quickly-our waiter could probably see our hungry faces from a mile away.


For the remainder of the trip, we relaxed at our resort (Legendary Waters Resort) which was right on the water with a marina as well. Because I am starting my videography career, Wylie and I took the drone out for a spin and got some amazing shots as you will see illustrated in the images. Overall, we had a wonderful time exploring the apostle islands, falling more in love, and taking many pictures to reminisce on the adventure.



Photos by Chelsea Bauman, © 2017 Chelsea Bauman. All Rights Reserved.

Drone Photots by Wylie Frahm, © 2017 Wylie Frahm. All Rights Reserved.

August 4, 2017

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