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Wedding Videographer Gear to Create Epic Wedding Videos

A photographer pulls up with a backup and maybe another bag. A videographer shows up and literally unloads the trunk of a car. What’s with all the shit? And what are you going to do with all that on my wedding day? I’m here to share with you all the wedding videographer gear you need to create an epic, cinematic wedding film!

Let me be the first to tell you, I had NO IDEA how much stuff was needed to become a successful videographer. Tripods, multiple cameras, GoPro, SD Cards, lenses, microphones, lights, audio, audio, and more freaking audio. I swear I’ve got more shit then my Grandpa who hoarded Christmas trees for a living. 

Now, some of you may be thinking, is all of that really necessary? And while some videographers may get away with just a camera and a gimbal, if you are looking for that cinematic, dreamy, romantic, make you want to watch over and over and over again video – then yes, the gear is a must. 

Wedding Videographer Gear used during a wedding at Pinewood Wedding & Events, Minnesota. Photo by Emilyne Photography.

Videographer Gear Used to create epic wedding videos:

  1. Cameras. Yes, plural. How do you expect to get Grandma Linda crying while Joe is at the alter watching his bride saunter down, while also capturing the cathedral veil from behind. Typically 3-4 camera angles with a variety of lenses are running at all times during the ceremony. 
  2. Stabilization Gear. We’ve all seen those shaking back-in the day home videos where Mom is literally all over the place. While that may be a trend one day, it is important to have steady camera shots. Gimbals, tripods, monopods, sliders, glidecams, etc. are all helpful when creating a cinematic feel. 
  3. Audio. One thing quite honestly I envy photographers for not needing. Audio WILL make or break your wedding video. In my opinion, there is no wedding video without the story and audio to tell it. As a result, audio is HUGE when it comes to your wedding day and videographer gear!  
    1. Here’s what is typically used:
      • DJ Board: We have devices that plug directly into the DJ booth and capture all audio coming through the mic and speakers, including the vows, readings, etc.
      • Lav Mic: Since sometimes during the vows, you are not speaking directly into the DJ’s microphone, we will put a wireless lavaliere mic on the groom’s lapel. This is a discrete device that will assure backup audio during that intimate moment.
      • On-Camera Mic: The last way that audio is captured is from the camera’s shotgun microphone that will capture the audio in a more natural way, as your audience hears it.

It is so important to let the important people know that they WILL have a mic on them during those important moments. Did I mention important? Audio. It’s important. 

More Gear To Consider:

  1. Special Cameras. A cool thing about a wedding video is it can be as creative, or dull, as the filmmaker makes it. Bringing additional perspectives such as a drone, go pro, old school film camera, can truly bring out the love story and capture your day as it should be told. However, with that comes….
  2. Licenses, taxes, insurance. Etc. Flying a drone is all fun and games until you realize you’re in a no-fly zone and a license is required. Obtaining licenses, insurance, tax legalities is no secret to running a business, but sometimes overlooked by the client when considering a budget for a videographer. 
  3. Lastly, the other stuff. I’m talking about SD cards, lens filters, light stands, backpacks, cleaning gear, etc. All the other STUFF (click on link to watch fun gear tik-tok!) that is essential for any and every kind of wedding situation. A dark lit church is clearly much different than a 100 acre golf course. Being prepared for every situation can be a challenge, but truly separates the professionals from the wanna-bes. 

In all, the next time you see a person pull up to a wedding unloading suitcases, bags, etc. Don’t assume they’ve forgotten how to pack light for the weekend… they are really just the crazy ass wedding videographer who’s here to create some epic magic.

Want to watch one of those epic magic wedding videos? Click here!

April 22, 2021

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