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Dark moody office design for an in home office look.

In Home Office Remodel

I can’t believe it! I’ve finally finished my home office remodel project! Over the years, my brand of C Lee Creations Wedding Videography has changed, therefore so should my office vibe. What used to be clean, airy and light, has now shifted to moody, messy, and fun! This in home office remodel was a project I, along with the help of my sister and husband, thoroughly enjoyed and am absolutely thrilled about the end result.

I have to say, remodeling my office into a moody oasis has been one of the most rewarding projects. I began brainstorming this project for a few months before the demo officially began. I wanted a space that would fuel my creativity for creating epic, fun, wild and emotional wedding films. I also wanted this in home office to be functional for prepping my gear, client meetings, and ample storage.

The Before Photos of the Office

Let’s start with the before. Well, the before before! Originally when we purchased our home, this room was a bedroom and was pink. Upon first moving in, we replaced the carpet and painted everything white! Here are a few photos of the original pink bedroom, and then the first demo!

For a few years, this office served my just fine. A clean space, basic look, and a new updated floor. Insert 2024 vision board, this was not making the cut anymore. Cue the demo.

Photo to the left was the pink palace when we originally moved in. Below is what the office looked like after the first remodel.

The Process of Remodeling an In Home Office

My sister and I started by painting one wall fully black, and adding a black arch to the accent wall. After this step, we cut wood slats, and spaced them accordingly to create this cool design! Along the corner, I decided to run the slats all the way up to the ceiling for an added visual and textured element. What are your thoughts?! I purchased the plywood from Home Depot – linked here. I found the cozy reading chair from T.J. Maxx as well as the end table.

Next up, I replaced the closet doors to have a natural wood element instead of the old white doors. With the arched accent wall, I decorated it with a large mirror, storage compartment, and a few candles and vases! This cupboard was fairly easy to put together and looks great! Shop some of the exact pieces here!

Office Remodel with Dark Moody Features

Lastly, my husband built a new desk top to change up the look of the desk and add another natural wood element. On top of the desk is a floating shelf with a calendar, floral, and a picture frame! The computer stand does rise to allow for a standing desk, or to put a walking pad below and get your steps in!

All in all, I am absolutely blown away by this in home office remodel. The vision came completely full circle, and now I enjoy coming to work even more! Here’s a fun video of how much I am enjoying it!

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March 18, 2024

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