Door County, Wisconsin

As summer 2017 approached, my family decided to plan a small get-away to Door County, Wisconsin. We filled the long weekend with a kayak tour, Segway tour, lounging on the beach, indulging in tasty food, and sight-seeing. My sister and I got a bit carried away with taking pictures by the water, but they all … Continue reading Door County, Wisconsin

Dallas, Texas

Once Upon a Time... I dreamed of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. For Halloween one year, I got the outfit and dressed up as a DCC, hoping my dreams would come true. The funny thing is, I've never cheered in my life, mostly due to my school never offering that kind of sport. However, I … Continue reading Dallas, Texas

Heightened Adventures

Most people find heights a bit on the scary side, however, heights are almost like my second best friend, especially when those heights involve walking across a .5 inch rope. This past summer, my grandma and grandpa planned their annual "grandkids trip" to Wisconsin Dells. Even though I have been to Wisconsin Dells several times … Continue reading Heightened Adventures

New York City

"It's the city that never sleeps," and boy was that true for my adventure to the big apple. In 2013, the band and choir members from my high school held many fundraising events in order to¬†fund a trip every other year. Lucky for me, the trip we planned was to New York City- a dream … Continue reading New York City

Mackinac Island

Over the summer, my boyfriend and I adventured to this little island a road trip away from home just for fun. We decided upon Mackinac Island due to the fact that it looked beautiful on the web, and I had traveled there, only for a short time, once before. We planned a three day trip … Continue reading Mackinac Island