Hey Friends. 

I am thrilled you are here, and can’t wait to get to know one another. Seriously, did someone say wine date? I'm in.

Chances are we'll end up gushing over all the juicy wedding gossip, and then maybe spend a few minutes chatting about your video plans. The key to creating any great video in my opinion...just get right to the good shit.

When it comes to your wedding, I’m that girl...

that stands behind the camera silently crying when the groom starts stuttering through his vows. The girl that laughs her ass off when Grandpa walks down the aisle and his pants fall down….literally it has happened. Your go-to girl to hold your beer in one hand with the camera in the other, trying to make sure your veil gets the epic windy, dreamy, romantic shot. I’m truly here for it all.

I fell in love in 1st grade...literally, and we just sealed the deal last year! He is my biggest supporter, the love of my life, and my better half! I believe in happily ever after, having a best friend for life, and all the cheesy cute stuff that goes into a relationship (probs why I adore weddings).

Traveling is also a huge passion of mine. I believe the world is full of adventure waiting to be explored. Therefore, if you're a girl who loves love, exploring the world, and sappy love stories then we might just become best friends.

Fun Facts About Me

I fell in love with my man in first grade. Yupp, that’s right just little babies. And we just celebrated our marriage on New Year's Eve 2021!

My crazy ass jumped out of a plane before I was 20 years old...in New Zealand at 15,000 feet.

I am literally the pickiest eater in the world. I have 10 favorite foods, and that’s about it. If the man doesn’t cook for me, popcorn it is. 

Shoes are a legit problem for me. I own every single color of high heels from cheetah print to lime green.

I’d choose the mountains over a beach anyday.

I absolutely hate pineapple.

I am deathly scared of sharks. And I've never been in the ocean because of it