Welcome to C*Lee Creations, the place to be to explore my creative ideas and images. My name is Chelsea and I am currently a student at St. Cloud State University. I enjoy spending my time working out, camping, shopping, taking pictures, and spending time with family and friends. I am planning to major in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Photojournalism. I have always had the interest in photography as well as video. I could spend hours upon hours watching wedding videos (especially my favorite one created by The Film Poets,) or “how to videos” which pertain how to create wedding films. As yChelsea1ou can see, I am very interested in having a career that allows me to be a part of someone’s special day. Later in life, I plan to have my own business for film-making, photography, and have C*Lee Creations be the production label. I love how a photograph has meaning behind it, without even saying a word. I hope life will bring me success as I put an abundant amount of passion into everything that I do.

On a side note, I work at a pool when I am home as a Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, and Desk Attendant. I have learned so many valuable lessons while working there, however I am ready to try and learn something new! This year (2017-2018) I became the marketing coordinator for SCSU fitness. I absolutely love being creative with new posts and content, while also striving to reach a larger audience. The people I work with are all go-getters like me, so we get a lot of items accomplished while also messing around a majority of the time.

Coming to St. Cloud has truly made an impact on my life. First of all, moving to a new state was beyond exciting. I am from a small town in Wisconsin, therefore, moving to a larger city with 50 times the amount of people has been challenging, yet rewarding for me. St. Cloud is, in my opinion, is a city that has a vast amount of characteristics. From the downtown area with the Paramount Theatre and surrounding shops, to the busy life on the opposite side of town, to the slow paced neighborhoods, St. Cloud truly has a lot to offer. And if for some reason St. Cloud runs out of activities, the Twin Cities are only a short drive away (which I recommend visiting for anyone who has not been there). In particular, the best thing that has happened since attending St. Cloud is the opportunities I have had at the UTVS television studio here on campus.

Photo by UTVS ©2017 UTVS.  All Rights Reserved.

My first semester, I tried out for a News Anchor position, and lucky for me, I received an email later that night saying that I had got a spot! Throughout the semester, I worked with some more experienced News Directors and Anchors, which helped me to learn all the steps to become a Television star. However, what I loved even more than being on live TV and in front of the camera, was working behind the scenes. In particular, I enjoyed working the cameras, in the control room, and doing video (B-Roll) along with interviews. I hope that by working there and learning all the different camera techniques, I can improve my knowledge on the basis of video production.

Besides school, and work, and all the boring stuff, I absolutely love to travel! I know, who doesn’t? But seriously, I am amazed at every place I go to. I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to traveling and exploring. Some of my favorite places I have been include: New York City, North Carolina, Mackinac Island, and several places in Wisconsin. In May of 2018, I will be making my first travel outside of the United States. I know you’re probably thinking – where, where, where?! Well, what better place to travel for my first time than the beautiful Australia! I am beyond excited to go abroad and further my knowledge about the world. Australia has always been on my “go-to” list so I finally saved up the money and will be getting my tan on before you know it. Also, at the end of the month, I will be flying to New Zealand as well. I have heard many wonderful things about that place, so I am looking forward to exploring it on my own. Be sure to check out my blog page to keep up with all my ‘where abouts.’

Needless to say, I am a girl who likes to take pictures for fun, travel the world, and workout daily. I can’t think of any better way to live my life:)

Other items that can be found throughout my creations include:

Sister Bay, Door County 

some of the trips I experienced (Mackinac Island), a portfolio of my photography, moments that occurred in my life, and other fun creations you will have to explore for yourself, enjoy!

If you have any questions, thoughts, or fun ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me under the contact section

Photos by Chelsea Bauman, ©2017 Chelsea Bauman. All Rights Reserved.


My best friends and I enjoy procrastinating our homework to play dress up and have photoshoots as well!