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Introduction Assignment- Muscle Pump Class is Underway at St. Cloud State University

For this assignment, the task was to take pictures with any theme in mind. I decided to go to a Group Exercise class on campus lead by instructor Caitlin. I used my camera to capture a wide variety of shots including some close ups, wide shots, medium shots, high shots, and low shots. It was a bit tricky for lighting, however I changed my settings to have a higher ISO and bigger shutter speed. Indoor pictures are not something I absolutely love to do, however due to rain and a negative on first plan, indoor will have to suffice. I captured some shots of the muscle pump class with participants, some of the schedule, and some of the building in which the classes take place. I got a few names from the class, however I was not going to ask everyone while they were in the middle of a workout. I felt that I captured the essence of the class by showing participants in a variety of ways. After taking the pictures, I narrowed the 112 down to 10, and then edited them in Lightroom and Photoshop. Finally, I uploaded them to my website.

Gear used: Canon 80D, 18-135mm lens, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop



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