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Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

I may be bias here, but the obvious answer is YES! End of article;)

First of all, weddings are expensive, I get it. Choosing this or that, where to save money here or there, and looking at all of the spreadsheets can become extremely overwhelming. Well, I am here to tell you, the #1 thing most couples regret on their wedding day is not hiring a wedding videographer. So, let me pick your brain for a second and share with you some WHY’s on the importance of capturing your love story on video!

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer:

1. Your day literally flies by. One second you’re putting on the dress, the next you’re being walked down the aisle and before you know it the clock strikes 12 and away you go as a married woman. You will want to look back and experience this day as many times as possible-trust me.

2. Damn right you spent the money on the detail stuff, and I’m here to capture it all and showcase the many months of time, sweat, and tears that went into planning the perfect day. Your video will be sure to capture those fine details to provide you with a FULL picture of your wedding day!

3. For those who could not make it or attend, a video is something that can be easily shareable. Thanks to Covid, guests lists have had to be sliced like pie on Thanksgiving day. Whether travel restrictions, health, or other reasons some guests simply won’t be able to make it. Sharing your wedding day with the click of a button has seriously never been easier. 

4. I capture things YOU will never even know happened on your day!! SO many of my clients reach out and say “wow, I didn’t even know that happened, or I don’t remember that moment”. And the reason is, you are the bride and groom, being pulled this way to do this, do that, talk to aunt Nancy, you obviously can’t see or do it all. BUT, that’s why I’m here with multiple camera angles, a different perspective, and a job to make sure every moment is thoroughly recorded. 

5. Every couple deserves to have their love story shared! A video is the PERFECT way to do that. 

Still don’t believe me…check out some of these love stories that will make cry, laugh, and rethink your decision on not hiring a wedding videographer!

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