Heightened Adventures

Most people find heights a bit on the scary side, however, heights are almost like my second best friend, especially when those heights involve walking across a .5 inch rope. This past summer, my grandma and grandpa planned their annual “grandkids trip” to Wisconsin Dells. Even though I have been to Wisconsin Dells several times before, this trip was a bit different. For one, it included a trek into the woods of the Chula Vista Resort.  But this was not just a walk in the woods my grandparents had planned, this was more like a suspended obstacle course that only had one level-up. The course was compiled of several zip lines, tight ropes, tree obstacles, and ladders that are not the typical steady ones. My sister and cousin were along on the course which made laughing extremely contagious. Every step my cousin took he was yelling either swear words or “I’m going to die.” I was the adult in this situation and calmed him and reassured him that is was going to be okay. However, this was rather difficult because I could not stop laughing, so much so that I almost had to come down before I would have literally peed my pants! Once we finally, two hours later,  got through the lower levels, we moved up a couple feet to the more suspended level. My sister was getting the hang of it, while my cousin was still hyperventilating. Needless to say every step we took was another step towards the top of the trees. I had a blast, the other two I think enjoyed it as well. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for planning a pretty great summer adventure. Check out Heightened Adventures if you’re ready to test your limits while suspended on a cable…highly recommended!


Photos by Chelsea Bauman, ©2017 Chelsea Bauman. All Rights Reserved.

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